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MPR4 Ostend-135bcf5299a4283cb34317e4f68c6f25.jpg
Sep 23, 2015
After 4 years hard working in dredging, MPR4 was sold to new Norwegian owners. Vessel will be active at a Norwegian salmon fish farm.
Dec 3, 2014
MPR4 buzy with towing operations and anchor handling for Coastal Worker.
Dec 3, 2014
MPR3 busy with floating pipeline
Dec 3, 2014
MPR1 in Ghana Ada Foah
Kantoor Schiedam-4b74da731ee5cbd2f8021ecdcd492278.jpg
Nov 7, 2014
Our office has a new layout.
MPR Sounder-d50b04944c14ed746ffe1038c5a03c3e.jpg
Nov 7, 2014
MPR Sounder busy with crew transfer and offshore support at the Westerschelde.
Nov 7, 2014
MPR3 assisting CSD Amazone with anchor handling at Piombino.
Jul 28, 2014
MPR2 assisting Smit Salvage with AMT explorer at Pombino anchorage Italy.
Jul 23, 2014
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Jul 22, 2014
MPR3 almost ready with the VSMC RWE Nordsee Ost cable burial project.
MPR1 annual survey-a7b1bd57a9286d2463e984614affe5d6.jpg
Jul 9, 2014
MPR1 completed annual survey
MPR4 Ostend-e8a95f4d8f6e545c6f0f7aa6d69da008.jpg
Jun 21, 2014
MPR4 - Ostend Belgium
MPR2 flipper-dcfdebdaa679d3603f75bc67ff38467f.jpg
Jan 10, 2014
MPR2 escorted by dolphins and amazing weather.
MPR3 Rig-029c7b8e99487e4b201deaac7f018616.jpg
Dec 11, 2013
MPR3 assisting with rigmove from Europoort t0 Keppel Verolme
MPR2 verlengt-1460d3a510e4c2c71b90c2cfc854cc77.jpg
Jun 22, 2013
MPR2 extended up to 38.00 meter
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MPR will be accredited to ISO 9001 by first quarter of 2012 and has a high standard of quality of work.

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